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Create a feminine hourglass physique. This program is designed to shape your glutes and provide overal tone. For this program you will require gym access with the ability to train 4-5 times a week (resistance training). This is an 6 week program designed to achieve maximum results in a shorter period of time. 

Image by i yunmai

Fast Results

This program has been designed for you to achieve maximum results in 6 weeks. Do you have an event coming up in order to get in shape for? This is for you. 

Gym Workout

Shred fat & maintain lean muscle 

Lose weight & Tone up

The SHRED 6 week challenge  has been designed to shape the glutes & create that hourglass look. The program will be lower body focused consisting of a 3 lower, 2 upper split. I have included some of my favorite exercises, tempos & supersets:)

Once off set macro guidlines AND access to a tailored meal plan with 100's recipe swaps. 

Taylor Mackie

"My fitness journey with Madi has been an all round positive experience. Madi has mad the whole experience super easy to follow and commit to. She checks in regularly and is super encouraging. I love how at the start of each week my goals, meals and workouts are already added so i can plan my week accordingly. 
The meals that are available on the app are delicious and quite large too. I dont feel like i am restricting myself or having any craving as the food i am eating is balanced and fuelling. 
I noticed that after just the first week my clothes were starting to fit more comfortably again and i was slowly getting my confidence back. Now i am at the end of the challenge i cant believe how much weight I have lost and how much more confident i feel!
I would definitely recommend this challenge if you are looking for something to get you started on your fitness journey."

What you can Expect


- 2x 3 week block Training programs 

- Tailored Macros AND meal plan

- Progress Tracker on app, body weight, check in photos & measurements. 

- Demonstration videos for each exercise to ensure correct form. 

- Recipe book with 100's high protein recipes. 

- 24/7 access to your coach for further questions and assistance. 

- APP Access (Trainerize app will allow you to track all your workouts, weights, reps and will link to my fitness pal to ensure you are hitting your macro targets) 

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